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Dear customers,
in the meanwhile our assortment contains 270 different kinds of Italian espresso coffee from 35 manufacturers. To make the decision of purchase a little easier for you, we have pointed out the positive features of every espresso coffee in our assessments. Of course we dumped some espresso coffees for lack of quality from our assortment, but with manufacturers like Kimbos, La Brasiliana, Blaser and Izzo Caffé we have found top products also in taste and quality, which we like to recommend.

At we work against the famous Mainstream, always searching for optimal quality. We import in small easily comprehensible quantities directly from the manufacturers to ensure optimal freshness.

However, we also are glad to help you in case of all questions by Phone under +49 8751 84 46 88 0.

With best wishes for the maximum pleasure ...

Aromatico Heinrich Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG
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Illy Dark Roast 8.8oz Grounded Tin
Illy Dark Roast 8.8oz Grounded Tin
only £4.41* = £0.50/oz

  Our Recommended Coffees

Schreyögg Crematic 2.20lbs Beans
Schreyögg Crematic 2.20lbs Beans
from £11.72*

1 - 9 x Schreyögg Crematic £12.46/pcs = £5.66/lb
from 10 x Schreyögg Crematic £11.72/pcs = £5.33/lb

Martella Maxinum Class 2.20lbs Beans
Martella Maxinum Class 2.20lbs Beans
from £14.37*

1 - 5 x Martella Maximum Class £15.92/pcs = £7.24/lb
6 - 11 x Martella Maximum Class £15.40/pcs = £7.00/lb
from 12 x Martella Maximum Class £14.37/pcs = £6.53/lb

Danesi Miscela Oro 2.20lbs Beans
Danesi Miscela Oro 2.20lbs Beans
from £17.31*

1 - 5 x Danesi Miscela Oro £18.35/pcs = £8.34/lb
6 - 7 x Danesi Miscela Oro £18.05/pcs = £8.20/lb
from 8 x Danesi Miscela Oro £17.31/pcs = £7.87/lb

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Shipping to customers in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland:
From £50.00 to £75.00 goods value - £6.90 shipping fee
From £75.01 to £100.00 goods value - £5.90 shipping fee
More than £100.00 goods value - £4.90 shipping fee

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